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After not serving guests on our property for over 4 months due to C-19 and now 4 nights into service on a nine-table tented patio, this is what we know… the hospitality & restaurant world has changed.

Guests need to anticipate a slower pace. Just because we are open now does not mean that business is back to normal. We as a service staff are moving at a slower pace, everything we do now takes a little longer than it used to. The way we need to do our steps and operate in this environment will change and our hope is you’ll change with us. We respect you & the money you’re paying to dine with us. We respect ourselves just a little bit more.
We vow to take care of ourselves first and you next. All of our safety and comfort is top priority. Continuing on now comes with new rules, for us and for you. Phases are what we’re feeling and we are now in GSI Phase 1 of guests in our house.

The information at this link is what to expect of us and what we expect of you.


PS: If you take a picture/selfie holding your carryout in front of either of our two murals and post it to our social media, you will be entered in a raffle for 2 free racks of our baby backs with two sides for each! The Come Together mural on our north wall was painted and designed by ArtsAliveChicago.

Place your carryout order on our online ordering site or simply call us at 773-725-1300 There are two things you can do to help to place your order efficiently:
1) Know what you want to order  - VIEW OUR MENU
2) Have your credit card information ready.

We look forward to serving you once again.

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